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November 3rd, 2011

Connecting K-12 students with NoodleTools using Symbaloo

Here’s another note from a librarian who is using a web service to promote NoodleTools to K-12 students. Margaret Mary Ryan, a librarian at Saint Ephrem School in Bensalem, PA, wrote: 

I enjoy hearing how other teachers are using Noodle Tools…Over the summer I attended a workshop on Symbaloo and I have “Webmix” or group of web sites that I want the students to use for a particular project. It displays them as a group of tiles, almost like a Scrabble board. One tile provides a link to the google doc where I give them their instructions for the project. This webmix can be accessed from any computer once the student is given a link to it. I always include a NoodleTools tile so that the students have easy access to their accounts. This has proved to be working well for my sixth through eighth grade students. All that they need to complete a project is in one place and they can get to it easily.

Note: Symbaloo has a NoodleTools tile. Use their search function to locate the tile. 

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