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November 7th, 2005 updates citation advice

It’s nice to know that some database vendors are taking their “citation advice” pages seriously! recently updated the citation examples given on their site to reflect the fact that they are a publisher rather than an aggregator (like Gale and ProQuest). This is welcome validation of the time we spent understanding this distinction with the MLA editorial staff this past summer, the results of which are now reflected in the NoodleBib version 6 subscription database wizard. Also see our knowledge base article on the subject:

The knowledge base article specifically dealing with the databases has also been updated to indicate that the citation advice given at the site is correct:

Here is the nice e-mail we received from the editor at

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am an editor at Facts On File News Services, the company that provides the Reference Suite @ and FactsforLearning. This past summer, I undertook the task of updating our user help files and citations. I came across your site as I was conducting some research on correctly citing in MLA and APA formats.

After finishing my research and speaking with some editors at the MLA, I realized that we are indeed not a library subscription service and have corrected all our automatic citations to reflect this. In addition, all database names have been changed from “” to the database name where the information is coming from.

For example, one of our old citations looked like this:

“Key Event: Terrorists Attack United States; U.S. Leads War in Afghanistan.” Facts On File News Services. [Name of school or library], [location], [state]. 30 Jul. 2005 .

It now looks like this:

“Key Event: Terrorists Attack United States; U.S. Leads War in Afghanistan.” Facts On File World News Digest @ Facts On File News Services. 4 Nov. 2005 .

Thank you so very much for providing such a great service!

With best wishes,

[Name removed]
Curriculum Editor
Facts On File News Services
512 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY 10018

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